Google Pixelbook 12 Inch Laptop Review

Google Pixelbook 12 Inch Laptop Review

This Google Pixelbook 12 Inch Laptop Review focuses on the multitouch screen, battery life, sound quality, and the Chromebook design. If you’re considering buying one of these laptops, you should know what to look for. In this review, we’ll cover all of the key features, and give a quick summary of our impressions of this new laptop. So, read on and get inspired! You can find a copy of the Google Pixelbook 12 Inch Laptop for yourself today!

Multitouch screen

The Google Pixelbook 12 Inch Laptop comes with a multitouch screen that is both responsive and comfortable to use. The multitouch screen is particularly useful for drawing and it is compatible with Android apps, making it easy to install them. You can also use a pen to write on the screen. You can purchase one for PS99. The Pixelbook is also compatible with Google’s ChromeOS operating system.

The multitouch screen on the Google Pixelbook 12 Inch Laptop is particularly handy for students, and it also sports an Intel 7th generation processor. The base processor is 1.3GHz, but upgrading to the i7-specced model will boost the CPU’s speed to 3.9GHz. The laptop also supports up to 16GB of memory. The hardware is capable of running a wide range of mobile games, such as Asphalt 7, despite the lack of dedicated graphics hardware. Moreover, it can be easily charged.

Sound quality

The Sound quality of Google Pixelbook 12 Inch laptop is adequate and loud enough to fill a small room. The laptop comes with a 720p webcam and an Intel Core i5-7Y57 processor. The more expensive Pixelbook model includes a Core i7 processor. However, the cheaper one doesn’t have this. The lower-end Pixelbook uses cheaper Core M series chips, which sacrifice some performance but use fewer resources.

The Pixelbook’s battery life is disappointing. It only lasted for five hours on a single charge, according to Laptop Mag. The sound quality of the laptop is also below par compared to other Chromebooks. A second major drawback is its short battery life. But, overall, this model is still a good buy for those who need a notebook that will last for a long time. It is thinner than the competition, and it is sturdy.

Battery life

The battery life of the Google Pixelbook 12 Inch Laptop is an acceptable 10 hours with normal usage. However, if you plan on spending a lot of time in front of the computer, it may be a bit short. The battery life of the Pixelbook is much better than that of most Chromebooks, MacBook Pros, and Surface Pros. Google has compensated for the battery life issues with the fast charging technology that can provide two hours of charge in just 15 minutes.

Google’s track record with laptops is mixed, but the 2018 Pixel Slate is an impressive piece of hardware, and the Pixelbook is an expensive beauty. The new Pixelbook Go bridges the high-end and middle-range markets and was reviewed by Android Authority. Battery life is an important factor for anyone considering purchasing a new laptop. It’s also worth noting that the Google Pixelbook 12 Inch Laptop is available for preorder.

Chromebook design

When it comes to its display, the Google Pixelbook delivers. Its 720p screen has a good level of brightness and is bright enough to be used outdoors and even in direct sunlight. The speakers aren’t great, however, and lack bass. While they do get loud enough to be heard across an auditorium, the audio isn’t as crisp as that of a more expensive laptop. Fortunately, the Pixelbook includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, making it easy to plug in headphones or ear buds for better sound quality.

Although it runs on Chrome OS, the Pixelbook has full Android app support. It also features Google Assistant, a virtual assistant that can speed up tasks and help you get more done. While a Chromebook is meant for cloud computing, it’s still tempting to save your entire life on it. Instead, you can use Google Docs and Gmail, which are hosted on Google servers. That way, you can access everything you need and still find the time to work on your laptop.

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