The Google PixelBook 12in Laptop Review

Google PixelBook 12in

The Google PixelBook 12in is a great tablet to have for a variety of uses. Whether you use it for school or work, this tablet is perfect for all of these needs. This tablet also has office apps such as Microsoft office, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also use it for drawing, sketching, and designing. However, it is not as powerful as a laptop, so if you plan to use it for business, you may want to invest in a laptop instead.


Aside from having a 12-inch screen, the Google PixelBook 12in comes with a keyboard with a remarkably responsive and comfortable feel. This makes it suitable for gaming and playing console games as well as playing mobile games on Google play. You can even use the keyboard for office work, including Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint and Excel. If you do not want to use a keyboard, you can simply switch to voice mode, which allows you to speak while typing.

The Google PixelBook 12in is a powerful laptop with a 12.3-inch touchscreen display and a 360-degree hinge for flexible viewing. Its 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM give it great power, and you can expand the storage to 512GB if you so desire. Its battery life is impressive, too, at up to nine hours. Aside from its performance, the Google Pixelbook 12in has Bluetooth connectivity. It’s the perfect combination of power and portability. It makes online entertainment a breeze with its many features.


When it comes to price, the Google PixelBook 12in is among the top contenders in the Chromebook category. With a high-performance processor and ample storage, it has everything a casual user might need in a laptop. It also has fast charging, lasting up to 15 minutes for two hours of usage. Another great feature is the fingerprint scanner. This Chromebook is great for home use, but it’s not ideal for business use. While it’s not the fastest laptop, it’s still a good choice for users who don’t need a computer with blazing-fast processors or a large capacity for handling data. For casual users, it’s perfect for watching YouTube videos and making short presentations in Google Docs.

The Pixelbook comes with a built-in voice assistant. Its display boasts a three-quarter-inch aspect ratio. Its design is sleek and appealing, with a metal unibody. It has a headphone jack and dual USB Type-C ports. It is also easy to care for, with a magnesium alloy body and a fingerprint reader. A good price of the Google PixelBook 12in puts it within reach of many consumers.

Sound quality

The display on the Google PixelBook is a good choice for multimedia use. Its 2400×1600 pixels cover 117 percent of the sRGB spectrum. It makes 4K videos on YouTube look crystal clear and realistic. However, the sound quality isn’t impressive and could use more bass. However, you can buy an optional 3.5mm headphone jack to make the most of its speaker system.

The speakers on the Pixelbook are adequate, but they aren’t great. The speakers aren’t very loud, lacking bass and treble. While the speakers don’t distort, they do produce a hollow, tinny sound. You can plug your headphones into the 3.5mm headphone socket and use your own speakers, if desired. Ultimately, you should avoid the Google PixelBook because of the lack of bass and sound quality.

Screen size

The Google PixelBook’s screen size is a bit of a letdown. Many Android tablet owners know that developers tend not to make updates for larger screen sizes. The Pixelbook’s screen is slightly larger than the average Android tablet, so certain interface elements appear out of place or too big. There are also plenty of large blank areas. While the PixelBook does not have a particularly low weight, it is still quite hefty at 2.5 pounds.

The Pixelbook is only four-tenths of an inch thick – and most of this is the display. The lower chassis feels almost impossibly thin – even when you open it. Even though it has a full complement of hardware inside, the Pixelbook is still relatively lightweight. The overall feel of the device is that of a thin client PC. Despite the Pixelbook’s low weight and small size, the Google PixelBook is an excellent convertible tablet.

Microsoft Office preinstalled

If you’re looking for a tablet that can replace your desktop computer, you can’t go wrong with the Google Pixelbook 12. It’s incredibly light, and the trackpad is made of smooth glass. Its wrist rests are made of warm rubber, and the primary structural component is an aluminum shell. Microsoft Office is preinstalled on the PixelBook, and it is fully compatible with the Windows version of the program.

Users of Chromebooks can also access the Android version of Microsoft Office for free. Despite the lack of advanced features, users will still be able to edit documents, share them, and print them. The software comes with an online documentation guide. Microsoft doesn’t plan to abandon Android-based mobile devices anytime soon. However, its latest product, the Google PixelBook 12in, does not have Microsoft Office preinstalled, so if you have a subscription, you should look for a free trial first.

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