Folcin Reviews – Is Folcin a Scam?

Folcin Reviews

Folcin is a store that offers various products at affordable prices. In addition, the company claims to provide 24×7 customer support and reliable shipping services. Customers can also find a variety of special offers on the store’s homepage. It also offers information about each item in detail. Folcin is a reliable online store that provides various products at affordable prices. However, if you’re looking for a scam-free store, you should do your research before making a purchase.


Folcin is an online retail store specializing in household and garden equipment. It offers free shipping and returns, as well as 24 hour customer service. The website features a selection of special items and detailed product descriptions. The company also offers flexible return policies. Its website has an FAQ section and a product guide.

Although the site offers a wide variety of products, there aren’t any customer reviews. Unfortunately, the company is still a fairly new website. You may want to wait for a few days before making a purchase. It is possible that the site is just not up to date and has erroneous information. It is also not present on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Folcin claims to offer quality gardening tools at reasonable prices. It also claims to have years of experience in the industry and a direct partnership with suppliers and buyers. The site includes a contact form to contact customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Folcin customer service. Folcin does not have a physical location, but you can visit their website to inquire about their products.

Is it reliable?

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FAQ ABOUT Folcin Reviews 

  • URL –
  • Date of domain name launch-15/08/2022
  • Physical address- 110 North Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA
  • Social media connections : Not Available
  • Transport charges- Free worldwide shipping
  • Payment methods – Visa and PayPal
  • Refund policy: It can take some time
  • Exchange and return :  30 days
  • Delivery Time: 5-8 Days
  • Telephone number: +1 206-536-2473
  • Helpline email address-  [email protected]
  • Shopper’s remarks – Not Available
  • Domain creation date:  15/08/2022.
  • Address Validity-The area pincode and location is invalid.
  • Copied content –Not Available
  • Trust index score:  2% of 100.
  • Social media icons: Not Available
  • Domain expiration Date –  15/08/2023.

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