Risk of Rain 2 Save File – How to Get Everything Unlocked 2022

risk of rain 2 save file everything unlocked 2022

If you’re frustrated with the difficulty of the game, there’s a simple way to get everything unlocked in Risk of Rain 2. Download a notepad program and open it up in the game’s save editor. It will unlock all characters, monster logs, environment logs, skills, and the last level of the Eclipse mode for every character. Then, use the editor to copy and paste the contents of the save file into the game’s game menu.

Huntress is the most versatile and robust survivor in Risk of Rain 2

As the return of the Huntress from the original Risk of Rain game, this survivor is available to play right away in the game. Her kit is excellent for surviving on the move, and she also has a high raw damage output. However, she lacks some crucial aspects of the game, and can be fragile when fighting enemies. In this guide, we will discuss the best build for Huntress and how to unlock all of her skills.

The Huntress uses a special ability called Phase Blink that allows her to teleport through the air. The duration of the ability is short, and she can use it to escape from a potentially dangerous situation. The Huntress can also shoot while sprinting, and she can hold off enemies when they fall back. In addition to this, her secondary is very powerful, and her high damage can make up for her lack of range.

Artificier is the best melee survivor in Risk of Rain 2

While the DPS of Artificier is very high, it has its downfalls. While it deals great DPS, Artificer’s movement speed is slow. He lacks mobility compared to other melee survivors, so he’s not the best choice for a quick game. However, with the right item synergies, Artificer can be very effective.

The primary fire is the only drawback of this kit. It struggles to hit flying enemies. Still, his playstyle is very fun despite its shortcomings. Survivors can use turrets to gain benefits. If you kill your opponent with a turret, you can use Bustling Fungus to damage his enemies.

While the Artificier is the best melee sursurvivor in Risk of Rain 2 save file, his melee ability is not the best. The game’s difficulty is high and he doesn’t survive very long, so he’s not a good choice for a beginner. However, if you’re a veteran of the genre, you can consider the Artificier.

Engineer is the best ranged survivor in Risk of Rain 2

There are a few different ways to play the Engineer, but the most effective way to unlock all of his skills is to get Dio’s Best Friend. This item works with Auto-Turrets, so if you manually replaced turrets, you won’t be able to use this item. The Engineer is one of the most fun survivors to play, as his items mimic those of other characters. He also has the most potential of any survivor, so unlocking all of his skills will take some time.

The Engineer is the best ranged survivor available in Risk of Rain 2. His turrets are the most powerful in the game, and he has a turret-based playstyle. It’s best to start off on a high level, and then upgrade to better gear. You can even make him more difficult if you want to be able to play it in the future, but once you do, he’s worth the effort.

Acrid is a great secret character in Risk of Rain 2

If you’ve played the original Risk of Rain, you probably don’t remember playing the secret character called Acrid. That’s because he hasn’t been revealed in the second game. That’s a shame, since Acrid is actually one of the hardest survivors to unlock. His primary attack is poison, but it doesn’t kill you. His secondary attack, called Vicious Wounds, kills enemies instantly. Acrid also has a caustic leap, a neurotoxin, and a poison shield.

To unlock the new playable character, go to the Prismatic Trials. In each Prismatic Trial, you need to capture a point by staying inside the purple field. After completing the trial, Acrid will unlock. You can also go to the main menu and use the Acrid ability to get better items. Acrid is one of the best secret characters in Risk of Rain 2.

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