How to Watch the BGTA Punjab Day Satta

punjab day satta

Are you looking for the Punjab Day Satta king ka result or any other cricket game? If yes, then you have come to the right place. You can find everything you need to know about the game from the live scores to team stats to video highlights and news. You can even play this game online and watch the live commentary from the match. Here are some tips for you. Read on to know how you can have a great time watching the Punjab Day Satta.


Punjabi people love to play Satta games, and this is true of BGTA Punjab Day Satta. You can play Desawar Satta or the Gali Satta king game. No matter which Satta king game you play, you’ll surely find people raising their bids for it. There’s a lot to be won at the Punjab Day Satta. Here are some tips for winning the king games.


The LATI TIA Punjab Day Satta, or “Little Taj Mahal of the Punjab” is a popular literary event in the state of Punjab, India. This event is a celebration of the birth of the country’s first Sikh king, Ala Singh. This king, who ruled from 1695 to 1749, is remembered for establishing a fort in Bhawanigarh. In 1749, Ala Singh, the Patiala house chief, declared secret help for the Sikhs.

The kings of India treated Punjab as an important part of the country and many nobles fought for this prized post. The Sikhs established their national capital in Punjab and were eventually protected by the Nakais and the Chaj. This led to the establishment of the national monarchy. A saffron wore a Sikh crown, and the Sikhs were the first to conquer the area.

mp satta matka game

The satta matka game is played in the state of Punjab, India. In a satta matka game, participants pick a lucky number and attempt to get it right. The result of the game is announced by the owner of the satta bazaar on a daily basis. The result of mp satta bazzar is also declared on the website of USA Satta King 786. On this website, you will get all the updates about mp satta bazzar and various articles on the industry.

To play the satta, players choose a number from a single patti to double patti, triple patti, and quadruple patti. Each number has an optional bet rate and is determined by the velocity of a pair of numbers. The winner of each game is referred to as the Satta King. There are a number of popular satta games in Punjab.


The Punjabi people love to play Desawar on Punjab Day. There are six famous games of Satta. You can play them online or offline. If you wish to play online, you can pay a fee to a Khaiwal to write your bet for you. You can also play the Satta game offline. You can win great prizes in Desawar if you win at the king game.

The Desawar on Punjab Day – The game of Satta is fun and a way to celebrate this important day of Punjabi culture. There are a lot of people who participate in this sata game, including the king and queen of Punjab. It is a fun game that is sure to be enjoyed by all. You can play it with your family and friends from home! But be sure to practice first before playing!


Punjab day satta is a popular lottery game held in most Indian cities. There are six games of Satta, including the popular Gali game. The booking deadline for these games is two hours before the declaration time, so there is no way to play late. The final day for the game is the last day of the month. For those who cannot play at that time, there is still a Gali Satta game online.

The results of the Punjab Day Satta are known in many parts of India, from the Punjab region to other states. The live results are available for GHAZIABAD, BHAGYA LAXMI V, RAJDHANI, and NEW PUNJABS. You can view the results live online, or check your phone’s location in the app. To follow the results, you can also visit the official site of Punjab Day Satta.

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