Is Cuelu a Scam Or Legitimate Shopping Portal?

cuelu scam or legit

So, is Cuelu scam or legit shopping portal? There are many reasons to suspect this website is a fraud. Its poor trust ranking, lack of owner details, and no social media links all raise suspicion. Its images also look manipulated. In addition, it doesn’t seem to be mentioned on any prime review sites. What’s more, it also uses the ancient Gua Sha technique and relies on PayPal to receive payments.

Cuelu is a female-oriented online shopping portal

If you’re a woman and looking for a way to look beautiful, Cuelu is the right place for you. The company’s huge selection of haircare, face, and skincare products is sure to impress you. Some of the items can be purchased almost for free! But how can you tell if these items are worth their price? The prices seem too good to be true. In addition, the site doesn’t have any social media profiles, so it’s impossible to get a hold of the people behind it.

The website’s legitimacy and authenticity are questionable, with low trust scores and a lack of social media linking. In addition, the images used to showcase products are distorted or edited. Cuelu’s reviews on Amazon, Quora, and Trustpilot are largely negative, with the company’s domain expiring on 20 June 2021. Therefore, users are advised to use caution when buying from Cuelu.

It has no owner or contact information

The owner and contact details of Cuelu are not disclosed on their website. The content of the policy looks copied from another website. Words like “Insert” and “Add” are used to describe the policy. In addition, the policy may contain harmful viruses and no owner or contact information has been listed. The site has received mixed reviews, and customer feedback appears biased. It also does not have a social media page and does not list its owner.

Cuelu’s products are based on ancient Chinese medicine called Gua Sha. The product itself is heated and applied to the skin, opening pores and deep within. Its use is primarily cosmetic, but can also help with health-related concerns. Cuelu has featured in popular magazines such as Vogue and Elle. It can be purchased online and at select retail outlets. We recommend checking with the owners before purchasing.

It has a poor trust rank

The official website of Cuelu does not list its office address or other contact information. However, the website does accept different forms of payment, including PayPal, credit cards, and PayPal Express. It is also certified with SSL integration and HTTPS. In addition, it offers free returns and refunds within 30 days of delivery. Unfortunately, there are not many positive reviews about Cuelu’s customer support or the website itself. The site also does not have a social media profile.

It has no return policy

The Cuelu website is an online portal that caters to women. It claims to carry a vast selection of facial shaping tools. However, the website’s lack of social media presence, traffic, or recognition, along with a very low trust score, make it difficult to gauge the legitimacy of the company. While Cuelu has a few products, its legitimacy is not as clear. You can’t trust this site with your money, because it doesn’t have a return policy.

While cuelu seems like a legitimate company, there’s no information on its owners or contact information on the site. The customer reviews are biased and are also dated before the portal was created. The policy terms were copied from an unauthentic source. In addition, they contain a virus. If you have bought something from Cuelu, you might want to return it in a few weeks. However, you must first read the cuelu reviews to determine if they are unbiased.

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