Samsung TU700D TV Review – What Are the Advantages?

samsung tu700d

The Samsung TU700D is an excellent television for your home entertainment needs. This television features a beautiful 58-inch screen with a 3840 x 2160 resolution, giving you crystal-clear detail and radiance. Plus, it’s also ENERGY STAR Certified, making it a green option for your entertainment system. So, what are the advantages of buying this television?

58-inch 4K UHD smart LED TV

The Samsung TU700D’s Crystal Display ensures optimized color expression and subtle detail with a rich range of shades. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology masters HDR and orchestrates the contrast ratio for a high-quality picture. HDR levels out the bright expression of the television to create vivid details even in dark scenes. In addition, this model boasts a 58-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV design that’s both sleek and surprisingly sturdy.

The display is capable of rendering deep blacks and the contrast ratio of the display is more than 3000:1. With the TU700D’s high contrast ratio, it’s also suitable for watching movies with dark scenes. Moreover, the television features a built-in app store for users to download additional applications and streaming services. Despite the high contrast ratio, some users complained of pesky ads and slow response time, which led us to rate the TU700D an eight-out-of-ten.

To use Wi-Fi Direct on a Samsung TV, you must have a compatible mobile device. If your mobile device is not supported by Wi-Fi Direct, you can check if it supports it by checking the manual. However, it’s essential that you stay within the same wireless network for the TV to work correctly. Samsung Electronics is not liable for any damage or injury caused to you.

The Samsung TU700D’s sleek, minimalistic design is a definite draw. The slim, 0.35-inch bezels surrounding the screen are also a great plus. However, the bezels around the screen are not particularly strong enough to support the TV’s weight. It’s also surprisingly difficult to see the TV’s back panel without any obstructions.

Supports HDR

The Samsung TU700D is a 4K LED television that supports HDR10+. HDR technology enables content to be presented in the highest possible quality, allowing for more natural color presentation and brighter images. HDR-supported content is typically found on streaming services like Netflix. It also boasts a wide color gamut and excellent contrast ratio. Here’s how HDR benefits your TV viewing experience.

The HDR mode on your TV will boost contrast and make objects appear more realistic. It also makes highlights more vibrant, which makes nature scenes look more vivid. The good news is that you won’t lose quality, and HDR is a feature most other TVs don’t support. You can find HDR on many different brands of televisions, including most Samsung models. It’s worth checking out your options before you purchase a new TV.

Has a user-friendly interface

The sleek minimalist design of the Samsung TU700D gives it a clean and modern look. Its two cable management systems are on the back panel and feet. The 55-inch LED display offers 4K UHD resolution, which means 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels. The result is a sharp and detailed picture. The TU700D is a great television for gaming or viewing fast-moving content. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through all of the features of the television.

The Samsung TU700D uses the Tizen operating system, making it easy to navigate the device and find the apps that you want. The user-friendly interface features an intuitive Smart Hub, which combines the navigation system with fast application loading. It is not free of pesky advertisements, but it does have a slew of pre-installed streaming services. As a result, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a phone that offers a smooth user-experience.

Doesn’t support local dimming

Unfortunately, the Samsung TU700D doesn’t support local dimming. This feature improves the contrast ratio and black level on a display. However, the TU700D’s display already has a high contrast ratio. Local dimming is also limited by its display’s poor viewing angles and VA panel. Regardless of your personal preferences, it’s a disappointing downside that shouldn’t be overlooked.

In addition to the lack of full array local dimming, the TU7000 is also missing support for a wider viewing angle and an extended color space. In terms of price, the QLED series is in a different league altogether. HDR content cannot be displayed on the TU7000 and its VA-Panel limits its viewing angle. Colors are also inconsistent in large scenes and image darkens in the corners.

The most prominent difference between Series 7 and 8 is the contrast. The 240Hz Auto Motion Plus on the Series 8 model is significantly better than that of the Series 7 model. In contrast, the 120Hz Auto Motion Plus on the Series 7 is less useful. So, if you need a TV with local dimming, look elsewhere. It may be the perfect television for you! The Samsung TU700d doesn’t support local dimming, but it does have other features.

Another notable feature of the TU700D is its screen resolution. Its screen is 4K UHD, which means that it should give you clearer pictures than FHD. Moreover, the TU700D has a stunning contrast ratio. Its native contrast ratio is 5,110:1; the black level of the display is very deep. If you have a bright room, the screen will be brighter, but in a dark room, it should be darker.

Has a subpar display

One of the main complaints about the Samsung TU700D is its subpar display. It does not support HDR10 or HLG, two standards that improve the contrast ratio and black level. But the display’s subpar response time is more than enough to make the device worth buying. In addition, the Samsung TU700D’s display has a poor viewing angle. Considering that the device uses a VA panel and vertical alignment, its display is subpar in terms of gaming.

The Samsung TU700D has a nice, minimalist design. It also comes with two cable management systems – one on the back panel, the other on the feet. The 55-inch LED display has a very high native contrast ratio of 5,110:1. This means that dark blacks will appear blacker and the whites will be grayer. The Samsung TU700D’s display is also quite reflective, making it a great choice for dark-lit rooms.

While there are plenty of benefits of this new technology, its lack of implementation is a big drawback. For example, HDR10 + is a format that utilizes dynamic metadata to enhance image quality. However, this feature is not present in all Samsung TVs, making the TU7002 the least expensive option in 2020. Samsung’s TU7000 series has a nice design and a low price.

The Samsung TU700D also supports HDR, a feature that improves the display’s color presentation and brightness. Using HDR, however, may cause flickering, lower brightness, and image duplication. This means the display can’t fully display the image and cause noticeable visual issues. Nevertheless, the screen’s performance is good considering its price. So, if you’re looking for a smartphone with a subpar display, look elsewhere.

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