Rojadirecta – Is Rojadirecta Legal?


The news that the Spanish news website Rojadirecta was accused of being illegal is no surprise. Several news sites picked up on the story, including Europa Press, Spain’s largest news agency that also provides a wire service for other publications. After the trial, the order against the news site was lifted, a precautionary measure. But that does not mean Rojadirecta lost its legal battle. In this article, we’ll discuss whether the website is legal, and how you can use it.

Rojadirecta is a real-time directory

Rojadirecta is an online resource that allows users to view live sport events without the need for subscriptions. The website has multiple links for live streams and multilingual support. You can download a list of upcoming events to view at your convenience. The best thing about Rojadirecta is that it is free to use. The only thing to keep in mind when visiting the website is that it is not available in all countries.

Rojadirecta is available for Android platforms. It can be downloaded as an apk file. This application can be used to follow live sports, including football and tennis. You can even view scores, lineups, and statistics of matches. Rojadirecta is free to use and allows you to browse matches across multiple continents. If you’re a fan of motor sports, you can also find information about Moto GP, soccer, and basketball matches.

It offers live streaming

The Rojadirecta website offers many different sports streaming links and is available in several languages. The website also allows you to download a list of events to watch in the future. The website is free to use and does not restrict fans to particular sports. It does, however, offer an English language option. You can view F1 and other sports from Rojadirecta. Nonetheless, there are some limitations. You may need to be patient while browsing the website.

Despite the many benefits, the website is not the only site that offers live sport streaming. It’s worth checking out. Not only does the site feature hundreds of sporting events each day, but it also lets you know what’s on TV in your area. For example, if you live in the United States, you can watch football games live on Rojadirecta. There are links to the various events, as well as live streams of those events. You can also download a list of upcoming sports events and follow along.

It is illegal

In Spain, a court ordered Rojadirecta to stop streaming, and its main domain has been down for more than a year. The site, which was founded by a Spanish company called Puerto 80 Projects, must pay Movistar+ compensation for the illegal streams. Last year, the Spanish company was also ordered to indemnify Mediapro for similar violations. But the lawsuits are not the only examples of infringement of copyrights that can lead to legal troubles.

The company is challenging the seizures. The company’s lawyers have filed suit against the US government and are demanding the domains back. Their team is being represented by Ragesh Tangri and Mark Lemley of Durie Tangri, a renowned intellectual property law firm. The company is appealing the ruling. The lawsuit has been published in the US, but it is unclear if it will succeed. It will be interesting to see how this lawsuit will turn out.

It is available on Android

You can now watch live sports on your Android device with RojaDirecta, a native app that originates from the popular website. The application offers live games, news, and video content. Users can choose from various languages and watch various events in HD. If you are fond of football, you can even mark your favorite matches. All you need to have is an internet connection to enjoy this app. You can also watch all the live games.

The app has a simple, classic design and practical functionality. It’s a faithful replica of the web portal, and the user interface is very familiar. Shortcuts to popular sections of the site are also provided. You can download the RojaDirecta app for Android from the link provided above. Once downloaded, simply click “Open” to launch the application. Once installed, the app is free and works well.

It offers many sports

The website Rojadirecta is one of the world’s leading sports directories. With over a million visitors each month, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. With a user-friendly interface and links to live streaming sports, it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy watching it. You can access the site for free, and the website works with any browser, so you don’t need to install any applications or download any add-ons to watch it.

The website features live sports streaming in several languages, which is very convenient if you want to follow your favorite team. You can also download a list of upcoming sporting events. All of the content is available free of charge, and you can watch as much as you want. Besides live streaming, Rojadirecta offers many sports options. Whether you’re a football fan or a basketball fan, there’s something for everyone.

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