5 Reasons Why MacRumors is a Great Resource for Apple Fans

Reasons Why MacRumorscom is a Great Resource for Apple Fans

Rene Ritchie is a prolific YouTuber, podcaster, writer, and all-around Apple content creator. A former executive editor of iMore, he is the founder of video streaming service Nebula. Rene has been a leading voice in the Apple space for over a decade. In fact, Business Insider named him one of the 100 most influential tech people on Twitter, and one of the top 25 gadget gurus. And he’s also one of the fifteen most important Apple analysts.


If you’re looking for the latest news on Apple products and the company behind them, MacRumorscom is a good place to start. It’s a thriving community that reports and speculates about upcoming Apple releases. The website contains news, reviews, how-to guides, and a useful Buyer’s Guide. A separate section of MacRumors is the MacRumors Forum, where you can find interesting threads about Apple products and software.

MacOS Rumors began in 1995. It was started by 16-year-old Ethan C. Allen, who claimed to have contacts within Apple to obtain information. However, this site quickly gained a reputation for being inaccurate, and Meader eventually decided to let it expire. Afterwards, he revived it and now maintains it as an independent resource. Currently, the site has no staff.

If you’re an Apple fan, you should subscribe to MacRumorscom. It covers everything from iPhones to iPads to the Apple ecosystem. In addition, it provides a wealth of DIY guides. And if you’re interested in rumors about the next Apple product, you’ll want to read the PowerPage section. PowerPage also offers well-sourced stories on new Apple releases. The stories are geared toward new product release dates, designs, features, and app updates.

Reasons Why MacRumorscom is a Great Resource for Apple Fans

MacRumors.com is a fantastic resource for Apple fans, as Rene Ritchie hosts a number of shows on the site. In addition to hosting shows for MacRumors, Rene is an editor at iMore and an executive producer at Mobile Nations Broadcasting. He has been a prominent voice in the Apple world for over a decade, and he knows the ins and outs of the latest technology and the latest trends.

Apple fans will want to read this site because of its comprehensive coverage of the latest news about Apple products. Apple has a large community, from professional professionals to consumers. This site has a highly active community that focuses on Apple’s platforms and purchasing decisions. Rene Ritchie has been writing about Apple for over seven years and has an outstanding track record in bringing the latest technology and news to Apple fans.

MacRumors.com was founded by Ethan C. Allen in 1995. It was one of the earliest sites on the web dedicated to Apple news. Its founder was 16 years old, but he had extensive source contacts that allowed him to post news about the company. Apple was not happy with the content that he was releasing and contacted him to stop releasing information. The site was briefly shut down by Apple, but it later reformed under the management of Ryan Meader. MacRumors is an excellent resource for Apple fans, and you should bookmark it!

Intel’s new ad titled Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment

In a new ad, Intel invites hard-core Apple fans to its office and conducts a social experiment. During the focus group, 12 Apple fans are led into a room that mimics an Apple store. They are told that they are getting an early look at the new iPhone and iPad and then asked questions about the PCs’ features.

In the commercial, Intel invites twelve alleged Apple fans to a focus group where they’re shown different types of PCs and devices with Intel processors. After the focus group votes, the representative then reveals that the technology is already in PCs. This ad is a slap on Apple’s face, but it is likely to go viral, given its blatant marketing strategy.

In an effort to dispel the myth that Macs are inferior to PCs, Intel has created an ad that uses the format of a video ad. The ad shows Mac users seeing new innovations and PCs powered by Intel. This is an incredibly unnerving commercial, but one that may actually convince people to switch over to Intel products.

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