Harliandco Reviews – Is Harliandco a Scam?

Harliandco Reviews

If you’ve been thinking about using PayPal to buy jewelry, you’ve probably noticed that the number of stores utilizing this method is quite low. You might have noticed that while there’s no website that explicitly mentions Harliandco by name, it does include a phone number and a physical location. Whether you trust this company or not, here are some steps to help avoid being scammed. Read on for more information.

Harliandco is a web-based store that has mentioned its phone number and location

Unlike many other web-based stores, Harliandco has mentioned its address and phone number on its website, making it possible for potential customers to reach them. Since this website is a month old, it is not possible to verify its legitimacy. While it is unlikely that it will be a scam, it is still worth checking out if you suspect fraud.

Harliandco was registered on July 7, 2022, which is a few years ago. Despite being less than four weeks old, it lacks customer reviews and has a low trust score. It has duplicated gireclushop’s about us part, which resembles a copycat version of that of a more trustworthy store. Also, despite the absence of reviews, it has an appealing design and uses HTTPS protocol to ensure secure data transfer.

While this web-based store has stated its location and phone number, there are no reviews on its real site. It is important to make sure that the site is secured before divulging personal information. Even if this is an unknown web-based store, you should never reveal your sensitive data to them. Fortunately, you can prevent such an experience by following the tips in the post.

Harliandco has a low trust score

There are many reasons why Harliandco has a low trust rating. Its website mentions the phone number and location, but the content of the website is extremely limited, and it lacks any reviews or other trustworthy information. As such, it is impossible to tell whether the company is trustworthy or not. Moreover, there are several fake credit cards on the website, making it difficult to determine if it is a scam or not.

The website of Harliandco accepts payments only through PayPal and is not thirty days old. It also doesn’t have any customer feedback. Its website was registered on July 7, 2022, and has no online reviews or customer feedback. Its About Us section is similar to that of gireclusshop, but its URL is unique and uses HTTPS protocol. This indicates that the site does not use a third-party website to collect personal information.

Harliandco has no reviews

Since there are no reviews for Harliandco on its true site, we’ll focus on the company’s legitimacy and reliability. While the company’s website lists a phone number and physical address, it doesn’t seem to be a reputable online store. And, it has only been around for a month. Given these factors, we’ll give this company a low trust score and short life expectancy.

As for the site, it’s new, with no reviews and no physical store location. However, it accepts PayPal as an installment option. It has a mediocre trust score of 1%, and its About Us section appears to be copied from gireclushop. This website also supports HTTPS protocol for data transfer. As of this writing, there are no reviews of Harliandco on other sites, so you’ll need to do your own research to determine if this online store is trustworthy.

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