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Fun Facts from Google

If you love Google, you may want to read this list of fun facts about the company. These fun facts include Google’s first tweet, first doodle, and website. Google is also the world’s most visited website! Find out the history of Google and its employees in Fun Facts from Google. By the time you’re finished reading this list, you’ll be a Google fanatic! So what’s next?

Google’s first tweet

Did you know that Google’s first tweet was in binary code? That’s right, it said “I’m feeling lucky” in two-symbol code. That’s not exactly exciting, but it’s still a fun fact. It’s true: the world’s most popular search engine, which receives billions of searches every day, has a rotating version of its website and mirrored avatar. Also, its first computer storage was made of Lego. And while Google has 12 million followers on Twitter, there were a few notable mistakes that Google’s founders made.

Google’s first doodle

The first Google Doodle was a clever out-of-office message. It debuted on August 30, 1998, almost two years after the company was started in a Stanford dorm room. It featured the Burning Man festival logo over the second “o” of the Google logo. The two founders were attending an annual arts festival in the Nevada desert. Today, the logo is a symbol for a company undergoing a transformation.

Google’s first website

Did you know that Google began in a garage? Yes, that’s right. Sergey Brin and Larry Page set up shop in a garage that was rented from a friend. Susan Wojcicki, who later went on to become the CEO of YouTube, also worked there. She charged $1700 a month to house Google and also received a security deposit. The company’s first website incorporated the word “doodle.”

Google’s first employee

If you’re wondering what Google’s first employees were like, you’ve come to the right place. This list of interesting facts is guaranteed to make you smile. From its first employee’s clunky desktop computer to the bright blue carpet, there’s something for everyone. The company also rents a herd of goats to help with the weeds on its Mountain View campus. The company even has a local T. rex named Stan!

Google’s first office

Did you know that Google’s first office was a rented garage in Menlo Park, California? Susan Wojcicki, Google’s first marketing manager, sat on the floor of her garage, where she would charge her boss $1700 per month for the space. Her first paycheck came in the form of a security deposit, and she would later get married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Google’s first product

While most people are familiar with Google’s search engine, you may not know that the company’s first product was a rented garage. The original logo featured the Burning Man festival in the middle of the second “o,” a reference to the company’s first location. It also included a doodle, an image of a stick figure, which was used in the logo until March 2001. Although the company’s first office was a rented garage, the first employees worked out of a shared room, where the two founders had their first conference.

Google’s first video

Did you know that Google’s first video was actually an animated GIF? Yes, it is! You can learn more about this incredible achievement by reading on! If you are a Google fan, you should check out this video! You might even be able to find it in a Google search. As a matter of fact, you can see it in the official Google video! Read on to discover some fun facts about Google.

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